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Dr. Anderson pioneered such concepts as team teaching, in which groups of teachers work together, and nongradedness, in which children of various ages are together in the same classroom. Although team teaching has been integrated into American schools, other changes, including his idea of grouping children together by their educational needs rather than a strict adherence to a grade system, haven't been so readily adopted.

Dr. Anderson was born in Milwaukee, attended Wisconsin University and began his teaching career while he continued post-graduate studies, receiving his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago.

He worked as a teacher and administrator at schools around the country before he became a professor at Harvard University (19 years). It was during his tenure at Harvard that he first published his ideas about team-teaching and nongradedness. Dr. Anderson authored Teaching in a World of Change (1966), Education in Anticipation of Tomorrow (1973), and Opting for Openness (1973).

Perhaps his most controversial idea was that children of different ages should be grouped together and taught according to their own needs, rather than being classified according to strict, but arbitrary, age and grade limitations. Older students would help younger children learn, and develop leadership qualities in the process. He also pioneered the idea that children should be evaluated by written reports rather than letter grades.

Dr. Anderson later became professor and dean of the College of Education at Texas Tech University. One of his graduate students was Karolyn Snyder, who would become his second wife. They worked together in various educational endeavors for the rest of Dr. Anderson's life. They moved to Tampa in the 1980s. Snyder became a professor at the University of South Florida, and Dr. Anderson, already in his late 60s, started working with Pasco County schools to implement some of his educational concepts. He also taught Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida. He was President of Pedamorphosis, Inc.

Deceased June 3, 2010

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