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PhD, Stanford University; MA, Case Western Reserve University; BA, University of Pittsburgh

Professor Emeritus of Education, Stanford University

Author of: Teaching History Then and Now: A Story of Stability and Change in Schools (2016); Inside the Black Box of Classroom Practice: Change Without Reform in American Education (2014); Cutting Through the Hype (2010); As Good As It Gets (2010); Frogs and Princes: Writing on School Reform (2008); Oversold and Underused: Reforming Schools Through Technology, 1980–2000 (2001)

While Professor of Education at Stanford University, Cuban taught courses in the methods of teaching social studies, the history of school reform, curriculum and instruction, and leadership. Trained as a historian, his recent research work has centered on how he taught history 60 years ago in two high schools (for 14 years), and how history is taught today in those same schools. The work is chronicled in Teaching History Then and Now, published in 2016.

Aside from teaching high school, Cuban also was a district superintendent for 7 years and a university professor 20 years. He has published op-ed pieces, scholarly articles, and books on classroom teaching, the history of school reform, how policy gets translated into practice, and teacher and student use of technologies in K–12 and college.

He has currently been exploring the most tech-savvy education efforts in order to better understand how such models are using the Internet, computers and tablets, software, and social media platforms for teaching and learning. “What I saw impressed me greatly," Cuban told Education Week in an interview. “Teachers are regularly and easily integrating technology. It’s now in the background, as common as paper and pencils and blackboards were decades ago.”

Such schools have shifted their focus to using technology to support learning, rather than on adopting technology for technology's sake. Cuban plans to publish this study of Silicon Valley’s exemplary teachers who integrate technology into their daily lessons in The Path of the Butterfly or Bullet: Technology in Classrooms in 2018.

Cuban’s other major research interests focus on the history of curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, and school reform.
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