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PhD, Philosophy of Education, New York University

Professor Emerita at Teachers College, Columbia University

Author of: Variations on a Blue Guitar (2001); Releasing the Imagination - Essays on Education, the Arts and Social Change (1995); The Dialectic of Freedom (1988); Landscapes of Learning (1978); Teacher as Stranger: Educational Philosophy in the Modern Age (1973); Existential Encounters for Teachers (1967); The Public School and the Private Vision (1963)

Maxine Greene (1917–2014) was Professor Emerita at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she was Professor of Philosophy and Education and William R. Russell Professor in Foundations of Education. Invited to the KDP Laureate Chapter in 1988, Dr. Greene was at the forefront of educational philosophy for several decades as a teacher, lecturer, and author. She was known for her life’s work of encouraging deep engagement in the world and her philosophy of “imagining things as if they could be otherwise.” She taught at Montclair College and Brooklyn College before joining the faculty of Teachers College in 1965 as the sole woman in the Philosophy of Education Department. She was dedicated to bringing the vitality of the arts to teachers and students and was Philosopher-in-Residence at the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education from 1976 to 2012.

In 2004, the Teachers College Trustees created the Maxine Greene Chair for Distinguished Contributions to Education. Greene also was past president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Philosophy of Education Society, American Educational Studies Association, and the Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society. She was a past editor of the Teachers College Record. She received the Medal of Honor from Teachers College and Barnard College; the Educator of the Year Award from Phi Delta Kappa; the Scholarly Achievement Award from Barnard College; AERA’s Lifetime Achievement Award; a Fulbright fellowship; and more than 10 honorary degrees. Greene’s life story was told in the documentary film Exclusions & Awakenings: The Life of Maxine Greene.

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