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PhD, Stanford University; MSc, Cornell University; BEd, University of South Africa; HEd., University of South Africa; BSc, University of the Western Cape

Author of: How to Fix South Africa’s Schools (2014); We Need to Talk (2011); Knowledge in the Blood: Confronting Race and the Apartheid Past (2009); Diversity High: Class, Color, Character and Culture in a South African High School (2008)

Originally from Montagu, Western Cape, Dr. Jonathan Jansen came to the United States in 2007 as a Fulbright Scholar to Stanford University. Currently, he is the Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the University of the Free State, South Africa, as well as President of the South African Institute of Race Relations.

Jansen has earned a reputation for transformation and for his deep commitment to reconciliation in communities living with the heritage of apartheid. Among his many honors, he was awarded the Education Africa Lifetime Achiever Award in 2012 as well as the Spendlove Award from the University of California for his contributions to tolerance, democracy, and human rights. He was elected Fellow of the American Educational Research Association in 2011. He has served as Vice President of the South African Academy of Science and as a consultant to agencies and governments from around the world.

Jansen was the first Black dean in post-apartheid South Africa, at the University of Pretoria, and worked to democratize the school and its faculty. His contribution to understanding what it takes to change the university, his country, and the attitudes and behaviors of those who grow to learn how to live in a multicultural society has been recognized throughout the world. His book Knowledge in the Blood: Confronting Race and the Apartheid Past, describing the seven years of his deanship and the struggle to transform the university during that time, was listed as one of the best books of that year by the American Libraries Association.

Dr. Jonathan Jansen was invited to the Laureate Chapter in 2013.

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