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Professor Emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University; Senior Scholar, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy (SCOPE) in Education, Stanford University

EdD, UCLA; MA, California State University at Northridge; BA, UCLA

Author/Editor of: Teaching, Learning and Living: Joining Practice and Research (2018); Teacher Learning and Leadership: Of, By, and For Teachers (2016); How Teachers Become Leaders (2010); Teachers in Professional Communities: Improving Teaching and Learning (2008); Teacher Leadership (2004)

Dr. Ann Lieberman is Professor Emeritus at Teachers College, Columbia University and a senior scholar at the Stanford Center for Opportunity and Policy. Previously, she was a senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Lieberman is widely known for her work in the areas of teacher leadership and development, collaborative research, networks and school–university partnerships, and problems and prospects for understanding educational change. She has worked to deepen the field’s understanding of different structures that support school reform, including networks, partnerships, and coalitions.

Beginning her career as an elementary school teacher, she then served in various research roles. She began teaching at the university level in 1971 at the University of Massachusetts and eventually joined Columbia University. She left there to teach at the University of Washington for 3 years before returning to Columbia University. During her years of experience, she has held several visiting professorships.

Lieberman’s many books and articles have been used by schools and universities alike, and she has given dozens of speeches and keynote addresses. She has helped to bring research to the field and popularize the perspective that learning from the field is another way to build important conceptions and knowledge about teaching and learning.

Lieberman has worked with teacher unions, state departments, reform groups, and at all levels of schooling. She ran two school–university partnerships and created the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching (NCREST) with Linda Darling-Hammond at Teachers College.

Along with being a member of many professional organizations and serving numerous national advisory boards, Lieberman was President of the American Educational Research Association beginning in 1992, when she called for the building of community between researchers and practitioners to define and work through problems of restructuring and renewal in the schools.

Teaching, Learning and Living: https://smile.amazon.com/Teaching-Learning-Living-Practice-Research/dp/1138060380/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1528991045&sr=1-3&keywords=teaching+learning+and+living
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