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KDP Supports New Teachers Through Topical Webinars

Two to three times a month, KDP airs a webinar on a specific topic. Many of these are on topics that new teachers need, often focused on subject areas or grade levels. Webinars can be attended live or the recording can be downloaded for watching later. Certificates of Attendance are available either way. View some of our past webinars on YouTube.

Classroom Management
Nitty Gritty Daily Methods: Classroom Management for Middle School by Vicky Tusken
Let the Fun Begin: Classroom Management for Grades 3-6 by Andrea Robinson
Key First-Year Classroom Management Skills by Dr. Laurie and Dr. Michael Hawke
Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers – Take Your Classroom Back by Eric Combs

Differentiated Instruction
Differentiate Your K-8 Classroom: Creating Choice Boards and RAFTS by Lew Stonaker
6 Non-Negotiables for a Successful Differentiated Classroom by Christopher Maddox

Family Communications
Parent-Teacher Conferences: Building the Foundation by Dr. Robin Quick
Rolling Out the Red Carpet for VIPs (Very Involved Parents) by Dr. Chantrell A. Bruton

Content Areas and Common Core
Technology Tools for Integrating the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice by Jayme Linton
Differentiated Instruction for K–6 Language and Literacy by Dr. Deborah Scigliano and Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Align Assessments to Common Core by Jayme Linton

Data Literacy
Using Data to Inform Instruction: Data-Driven Decision-Making by Vicky Tusken

Other Areas Needed by Beginning Teachers
Cultural Inclusiveness in Teaching Strategies by Dilshad Deyani
Make the Most of Your Prep Time by Maia Heyck-Merlin
Autism: Promoting Success in the Classroom by Patricia Wright
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